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About the Photographer. Jim Arnold is a part-time professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Terms that best describe his approach to photography are documentary or photojournalistic. His specialty is event photography. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA).

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that “Jim Arnold is an academic dean at a junior college in the North Bay. Although his day job is administrative, he claims his true passions are photography and writing. ‘There is no higher calling than artist,’ he says. Arnold has been photo-documenting the world around him since the mid-1970s, and for a few years he made his living doing event photography. He states he used manual-focus 35mm equipment longer than anybody he knows, but finally embraced the digital world in 2004. ‘When anybody asks me what kind of photography I do, I just tell them that I’m a wandering documentary photographer ... and then point them [here] to my SmugMug site.’”

Jim is known as “TechnoMonk” on Flickr, and you may see a different arrangement of a few of his photos by clicking here. Jim also writes a blog entitled TechnoMonk’s Musings, and you are heartily encouraged to check out his ramblings there. Additionally, please consider following or friending Jim on Twitter and/or Facebook.

About Ordering Prints, Files and Merchandise. All the images on this site are for sale and/or available for licensing. If you want to order prints, merchandise, or download a file for personal or commercial use, click the “Buy” button at the top-right of any image; you will then be presented with a variety of ordering options. When you specify an order for prints from JimArnoldPhotography.com, the order will be (1) routed to Jim for final touch-up work, then (2) processed by Bay Photo, a lab catering to the special needs of professional photographers since 1976; their facility is located in Santa Cruz, California. Prints ordered through JimArnoldPhotography.com are all personally post-processed by Jim and then individually hand color-corrected by Bay Photo experts. The artists in the lab fuss over each order, ensuring superb color and consistency from print to print. All orders are carefully flat-packed for damage-free shipping. And, as you’ll see, Bay Photo carries a wide variety of sizes and papers, including Giclée watercolor prints. You won’t be disappointed.

For orders containing print sizes that are especially large, you may wish to consult with Jim first: click on the link at the bottom of this section to send him an email that describes your particular needs.

A Final Note. if you're so taken with the presentation of photographic work at this site, and want to start your own SmugMug collection, you may obtain a 20% discount off your initial subscription price, courtesy of Jim, by entering this code: XXQ8722cd63fL

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